The New Service of Whatsapp

It is a new trend among social sites to have an option of stories. People post photos and videos, which disappear after 24 hours. The viewers cannot post comments publicly but they can reply to the stories. Even if they do not do so, the owners have an opportunity to see who have viewed their stories.  The trend of the stories came up from the mobile app Snapchat which was created on September 2011.  Although it is being used for six years, in the recent years other mobile apps and social pages have resembled it and created that kind of story options.whatsapp-status_650x400_41487931720

I think that Whatsapp Messenger did not need that option at all. People, who post or look on the stories, certainly have the opportunity to watch each others’ stories via Snapchat or Instagram. Also, Whatsapp Messenger was unique in its way that it was only an app where people could chat with each other and the ones who talk to each other could see only one photo which was the profile picture.  Now Whatsapp seems to be one of the ordinary social pages which people check every day.

Nevertheless, the head of Whatsapp Messenger Jan Kuma gave his explanation of the new option and told how it differs from others: “The new service called WhatsApp Status differs from its counterparts other social networking sites that the published messages can be encrypted. That is, users will be able to choose which of their contacts list will see the message.” I don’t consider this to be a difference because in every social site the owners of the pages have the option to choose some users whom they don’t want to see their stories.  Also, Jan Kuma added that the basic meaning of innovation is to give users the ability to quickly talk about what is happening in their life friends.

Just as a reminder – the functionality similar to Snapchat Stories  have already launched services Instagram, Facebook, «VKontakte», ICQ and Facebook Messenger. It is people’s will to use this service or not, but as we see this service is going to be in every single site  which we use in our daily lives.



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