What do we know about ‘Barekedan’


Due to ‘Barekendan’ holiday, I decided to write a post about it and talk about its meaning. The word ‘Barekendan’ means kind liveliness. In the past. ‘Barekendan’ was celebrated in the days of pagan celebrations, mainly in beginning week of February or March. The holiday was mostly associated with joy and happiness. It was very often connected with the arrival of spring while the overall amusement and joy had to do with the awakening of nature.

Later on, after Christianity, ‘Barekendan’ became a holiday which is celebrated a week before the Lent. Then, it was celebrated with great regale, social games, dances and so on. It was one of the most favorite holidays of Armenians as it brought happiness to people. What is more, during the holiday, there was always plenty of food, laughter, singing and dancing which made the holiday even more enjoyable. The holiday was celebrated both by young and old and despite the fact, that is was still snowy and cold, it would not stop people from having fun.
Of course, it can be clear that the holiday was rather interesting and fun; however, the best part of ‘Barekendan’ was the fact that regardless of how much people earned, everyone would be able to afford a full table of the holiday. Engagements and wedding were also inevitable from the ‘Barekendan.’ They, in their turn, would bring a new level of happiness to the holiday.

Today, not everyone remembers about this holiday, and only a small number of people celebrate it. This year, the main celebration of ‘Barekendan’ was organized by Tumo center for creative technologies. They organized an event in Gyumri, including an amazing concert full of traditional Armenian songs as well various games and dances for people of Gyumri. From my perspective, ‘Barekendan’ and other holidays like this, should not be forgotten. In contrary, people should find new ways of celebrating them so the next generations wouldn’t forget about them.
What is more, as it can be seen ‘Barekendan’ is very entertaining and fun holiday, and it’s a great opportunity of celebrations and bringing happiness to people’s hearts.



Elen Atanesyan


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