When you play you have to never mind who listens to you…


     I was only five years old child when my mother decided to take me to piano classes. In the beginning, it seemed a little bit challenging for me to learn how to play the piano. I did not realize what an impressive instrument was it. I saw the piano as a tool with the help of which the hands were practiced. It was only a beautiful instrument with an interesting contrast of white and black claviers and nothing else…


However, the time passed, and as I grew up, I gradually started to enjoy every moment I spent while practicing to play the piano. There were opened new horizons for me. Now I saw a piano as an instrument, which gave a player an opportunity to express her feelings through it. Every time I sat to play it, I had a purpose of exploring the real art of playing that all the composers mastered.

After two years since I went to piano classes, I was offered to participate in the musical contest. There I had to play a melody written by one of our prominent Armenian composers. I was a little bit confused as I was going to play in one of the big halls where hundreds of people would listen to my play. I put all my efforts on practices and did my best to reach the level when I would confidently walk into the hall and play there.

The day of the contest reached and I finally had to show my efforts to the public. When I reached to the piano and sat, I felt very constrained. The fear inside me dominated my whole personality. Finally, I concentrated and began my play. It was a feeling that my fingers were automatically doing all the work instead of me. I was not already thinking about the hundreds of audience who were carefully listening to my performance. Rather I was only enjoying the melody, on which I work so hard.


     That day I finally understood that when you play the piano, you do not have to mind who listens to you. Moreover, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the melody and give to it the feelings, which you sense in that particular moment.

Amalya Hambardzumyan



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