We always call Azerbaijanis savages and animals without any humanity and moral principles, but instead of proving that we are different, we now very often try to resemble their policies on victims.

Yesterday – March 25 – Azerbaijani military diversion attacked on NKR and fortunately was successfully opposed by the Armenian side. While most media maintained quite an objective and ethical way of representing this event, some news websites (newsroyal.com; shabat.am; operativ.am; blogmediamall.am; slaq.am; etc.)  published a cruel Facebook post by Ashot Asatryan, which was presenting the Armenian response to the Azerbaijani’s attack as “Slayed the enemy” (“Սատկացրել ենք թշնամուն”) with a picture of a killed soldier.

The public reacted to this post so joyfully with their praising comments as if the whole point was not in protecting our lands but just in killing Azerbaijani soldiers. Let us not forget that despite the factual truth, these Azerbaijani soldiers also believe that they are fighting for their lands and they also show their braveness when they risk their lives in such operations. Let us also not forget that they too are young sons and brothers whose death is equally grieved by their relatives. Of course, these things are no basis for pitying them in the battlefield. Of course, it is normal when they are killed. But at least we can show our humanness by respecting the dead.

We have condemned the Azerbaijanis for similar actions so many times and now we go against our morals. This is a sign of weakness. It is difficult to say whether our army is stronger than the Azerbaijani’s one or not, but at least, we can show that we are morally stronger by not falling to their level. At the end, such posts do not just raise people’s spirit, but they spoil it.


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