ui-56cbe8d873a421-06247756Eric Davidich Kituashvili is a blogger and the founder of channel Smotra.ru. He is famous for his unique test-drives of luxury cars. Couple of years ago he started a new project, which was called “Давидыч на охоте.” During this project, he was catching the workers of police of Russian Federation, who were taking bribes and forcing them to leave the system. He has done a great job for his country. In February 2016, Eric was arrested and was accused in a large-scale misappropriation. Last week his arrest was extended until March 15. The blogger thinks that his arrest is connected with his last project, which was almost ready when he was arrested. It was the second part of the above-mentioned project. Until now nothing has was done concerning his accusation. He was accused for misappropriation of one million rubles, but was not released on bail, besides his claims to pay ten times more money. Eric’s case is still unclear and his followers even tried to reach the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, but they did not succeeded. The good thing is that he still has his position and as he mentioned, he can be kept in jail even ten years, but no one can break him.


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