Ivanka Trump as the civil servant in the White House

The eldest daughter of US President Ivanka Trump will become an official civil servant and will work in the White House on a no-cost basis. The position of Ivanka Trump will be called “the special adviser of the president”. The daughter of the president already has a special cabinet in the Western wing of the White house. According to Ivanka Trump, she will perform the functions of an employee at no cost  in the White House, subject to the same rules as other federal employees.

According to the lawyer of Ivanka Trump, Jamie Gorelik said that the “decision” was due to her commitment to compliance with federal ethical standards and her openness to opposing points of view.

In turn, the White House said that, they are happy that Ivanka Trump decided to take this step.



I have this idea that our addictions to whatever we’re addicted to (alcohol, social media, cardio, people, cigarettes, booze, or something else) is, at least in part, is to distract us from pervasive loneliness. I’ve known maybe three couples in my entire life that I truly believe loved one another. Why?

 Because of the way their very being lit up when they were in the same room with each other- the concern for the others well-being- the way they looked at one another- with admiration and adoration no matter how long they’d been together. I’m not talking about two sets of hormones calling to one another…. it’s like having your favorite play-mate/best friend from childhood, only better.

It’s having one person in the world that you know cares about your happiness as much or more than their own and you feel the same way about them. Its bursting with pride when they succeed at something and tears shed when they don’t.

 I’m not saying this as well as I’d like to, but I do know that people in general don’t seem to be very happy or satisfied no matter how successful they are. And people who are always running after something- addicted to something- searching for something- seem to share a commonality- they’re always alone, even with someone they “love.”

Maybe we should consider inability to love or be loved as bad habits.


Lily Adamyan



Elon Musk founded Neuralink – neuro interface development company.

  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk created the company named Neuralink, which will be processing the interface for connection between human brain and computer. It became apparent due trade mark which was registered in July 2016 and the imminent announcement by businessman himself.
    Despite the dramatic leads of mass media outlets, the plot in style of “Matrix” is not going to happen soon. The Brave New World, which Elon Mask is trying to build, as well as the mass use of solar energy and electro cars, is still far away from us. According to documents, Neuralink will research in the field of medicine. The first step will be attempts of using neuro interfaces for the treatment of such diseases like paralysis. And only after we may talk about White Rabbit, Zion, and “I know Kung Fu.”
    According to WSJ, Musk created this company, but it is unknown whether he is going to lead it or be part of Director’s Board. Maybe, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX will finance separate projects. Musk is interested in ways of exchanging information between a computer and human, using electrodes connected to the brain.
    Musk declined to comment, but the creation of Neuralink was confirmed by American businessman Max Hodak. He said that he is a part of the management and the company os already recruiting staff, including brain research specialists.
    Author: David Pashinyan

Final Project: Music Drive Festival


Having a final project was really hard. Me and Gayane Hakobyan decided to make a reportage of the Music Drive festival which took place from 24-16 April. That’s the main reason why I didn’t manage to post my blog post a bit earlier because I was busy with shooting and moreover, the project was so tiring that I could barely walk and talk. Now that I have a lot of energy after having 24 hours of sleep, I’m writing about our final project.

During the festival, we managed to interview with the organizers of the fest Gor Avetisyan and from staff member Maria(I don’t remember her surname right now, sorry), they talked about the bands, how they found them and overall the organizations. The sponsor of the fest Arsen Hakobyan, same ZHESHT events organizer, also managed to tell us about the festival. The sound engineer Payqar Chakhoyan told us a bit about his work during the fest.

Later on we conducted interviews with band members who participated in the fest, which is Adana Project, (known as an Armenian Folk metal band), Artashes Darbinyan, who is the vocalist of Nairi band and the bass player of Mad paradox, Lousnelius the Alternative rock band from Vanadzor,Alternativ band which is famous from the show X-factor Armenia and the most important band that everyone came for, SATURNUS (we managed to interview only the bassist of the band, as the other members were busy).

(Bass player of Saturnus Brian Hansen, lovely Gayana and me)

Also, we talked to the volunteers and fans who show up to the fest.


(The signatures of the international musicians)




Liliane Demirdjian


This is an incredible story about a dog that participated in the First World War and made so many exploits that it was the first and only dog that was awarded the sergeant’s military rank for exploits.


Stubby was an ordinary homeless pup, whom in 1917 picked up Private John Robert Conroy near the territory of Yale University.

In general, animals are prohibited on the territory of the regiment, but for the dog who supported the morale of the soldiers, they made an exception.

Very quickly, as it is not surprising for the dog, Stubby learned to walk the drilling step, to recognize the sound of the furnace, and even salute, bringing the front right paw to the eyebrows!

The Stubby were allowed to be with the soldiers in the line of fire. He was wounded during a gas attack. Thanks to this, the dog became very sensitive to the smell of gas.He sensed it beforehand, barked and thereby saved the soldiers

One morning, when the soldiers were still sleeping, a gas attack began. When Stubby smelt gas, he began running around the trenches, barking, biting sleeping soldiers, trying to wake them up with all his might. That morning he saved a lot of human lives.

Once Stubby was even able to detain a German scout – he bit the enemy, and barking called for the soldiers who arrested the spy.

Toward the end of the war, Stubby took part in 17 battles, also simultaneously raising morale in the hospital of his wounded friends. For all his services, Stubby was awarded the rank of sergeant. He had many awards. But the greatest award was the gold medal of the Society for Humanitarian Education of the USA, to which he was honorably awarded in 1921.

The dog and a faithful friend died in the hands of his loving owner in 1926, but they still remember the hero.

One Shot Film Festival


Along the spring the film festival season has started. There are a lot of interesting film festivals out there, however one is very exciting for me. It is an international film festival in Armenia, founded by Armenians called ONE SHOT. There are three categories you can submit your movie for. The categories are:”ONE MINUTE – ONE SHOT”, “SHORT FILMS” and “CINEMA WITHOUT BORDER”. I am participating during the last three years to “ONE MINUTE – ONE SHOT” nomination. This category is the most creative one for me because without editing you should produce one minute movie. Maybe it seems really easy at the first sight, however it is really difficult to create. At first, you should think of simple but interesting idea, then try to shoot it without any interruptions. That’s makes the whole thing more difficult. Maybe you have a fascinating idea, but you need a lot of editing to make your vision a reality. For this category you should think both of a simple idea and one take scene. When you work on your idea, you start to think ways of doing so. Finally, you make a short shot, submit to the festival and wait for the results. Even if you don’t win, the whole sweet memories from the festival experience remain. I am honored to say that last year I got a special award from the jury, but even if I did not get one, I would apply again. Now I encourage all of you to apply to this amazing festival and try your creative abilities.

The Open Call is April 7-20. So hurry up!!!

Varnas: Where Do You Belong?

Varnas: Where Do You Belong?

Varna is the formal division of social classes in Hinduism, which means Order or Class. People usually confuse it with the word Casta, which is a hierarchical system of a race classification and was created much later by Spanish elites. The system of classifying people into Varnas is much older, and its origins are from India. The main purpose of Varna is a classification of social classes. The Varna system divides four main social classes where people belong: Sudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, and Brahmins.

Each Varna has a specific purpose in the society. Although some Varnas are less “aristocratic” than the others, in Hinduism every Varna is equally important and respected in the whole society. Regarding Hindu beliefs, if one of the Varnas did not exist the others would not be able to function, and the whole society would collapse. This is the main reason of equally giving importance to all of them.2ff593ad5937101ea5fc24c4021a39e2

Sudras: most of the people in the world are Sudras. These people usually provide any services, laborers waiters, servants, machinists, fitters, etc… They mainly work for others.

Vaishyas: there are fewer Vaishyas in the world than Sudras. These people usually belong to modern “middle classes.” They are merchants, businessmen, employers, and people who besides themselves provide jobs to others.

Kshatriyas: Only a few people in the world are born Kshatriyas, though a lot of people pretend to be them. These people are true rulers, warriors, leaders, and activists. These people always fight for justice and are mostly selfless. They devote their lives to specific purposes and never go after their ego and benefits.

Brahmins: These people are priests, teachers, scholars, scientists. By quantity, they are less than Kshatriyas. One has to live through long and cruel reincarnations to have a chance to be born a Brahmin.

In the end, it does not matter what people truly want to become in their lives or in what category they want to fit in, if you are born Sudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya or Brahmin you can never change it. Not in this life.


Laura Sargsyan