The Importance of Appreciation

As usual, yesterday I was thinking about how often we, people, complain about small and little things that irrigate us. We are satisfied when our expectations, desires and wishes come true and till their becoming reality, we imagine already how happy we will be. We are so engaged in their importance, that we fill our hearts with a strong hope, as if there is no other way. But we might get very angry from very small events, without realizing how lucky we are actually. We are lucky because we live peacefully, we sleep peacefully, we are free to move outside, and we are free to move inside.

If you are not convinced by what I say, you had better know how people live in Iraq.


The reason for mentioning Iraq more specifically is because today, very accidently I was watching the CNN channel, where I witnessed the horrors of people living there. The reportage by Arwa Dmon, was about the “ISIS” attacks on Iraq, and all the inhuman actions they did to people. I was stoned for a while. I imagined myself what I would do at those moments, when next to me there is one of my relatives died on the floor, where the outside of home there are terrorists constantly shooting and killing, when terrorists push the guns to my siblings and people around me.


However, what did amazed me is the hope and generosity those people have. After suffering from pain, after living in the streets for months, and after losing their meanings of lives, they still smile. The kids are still playing happily, regardless the sorrow reflected in their eyes and the horrors imprinted in their memories.


And at that time, I did not know how to answer myself, and how to shame myself for not appreciating for what I have. I felt very stupid, but at the same time very lucky to live in reality like now. I am very, honestly very sorry for those people because they are living physically, but not spiritually. They just struggle, and I pray for them because they need that more than ever.

The reason for writing this piece is to share my emotions with my peers, and advice them to appreciate the life, to value what God gave us, and learn to be satisfied even if we are not satisfied in heart.


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