Behind Ballet Grace

Interesting enough that people are frequently quite deceived about ballet.

There is a growing awareness that it is necessary to be thin to become a ballet dancer. No, that is a great lie. Just because the dance is performed easily it does not mean that only thin people can do it. In fact, ballet is all about strong body muscles, flexibility and, of course, passion. It is a matter of tremendous hard work and constant stretching to become fit enough to accomplish the movements of the most exquisite and simultaneously the most difficult art dance.

Watch a ballet dancer move the legs lightly, jump as readily as a bird flies in the sky and stand on the toes as if it is the simplest task.

giphyWatch this ballet dancer perform 32 fouette turns (a ballet movement when the dancer whips the leg around) while standing on the toes of her leg. If she accomplishes to stay on the same place on the floor while performing 32 fouette turns she will be called a “prima ballerina”.

Watch her leave the stage under a burst of applause. Ballet presented her the entire grace and confidence. Think how happy she is. Indeed, she is. Perhaps until she reaches the nearest chair behind the stage curtain to take off her ballet shoes that are made of rigid material. She has got curved big toes, injured and bloody toes. However, what a brilliant performance.


Do not get deceived. Ballet dancers make this art dance extremely delightful through many years of regular hard work and through terrible pain.


Luiza Vardanyan



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