‘Goodbye Reincarnation, even you!’ One of the captions I saw while checking my news feed in the morning. I clicked on the video attached to the caption. Another positive song by The Reincarnation, uniting lots of talented Armenians from different spheres. Soon I saw my news feed full of different captions like ‘Goodbye Reincarnation, ‘Ah, they are too’. First I connected it with the fact that our prime minister is playing drums in the video. Later on I knew that the video is the official video of the Republicans election campaign.

Surprisingly there were no any answers from The Reincarnation PR team to the questions and reactions of the audience. People didn’t talk about Henrik Mxitaryan. Levon Aharonyan or Artur Abraham. Everybody took The Reincarnation and started to call them traitors. Suddenly, The Reincarnation is guilty that Republicans managed to stay on charge more than eight years. ‘Liars, shameless people, how much they gave you’ comments were continued to appear the entire day on social media. I would call every person writing those comments, to look at themselves in the mirror. People never worry about their neighbors selling their votes or ignoring elections at all. People never notice The Reincarnation doing charity concerts on different marzes of Armenia. People never talked about The Reincarnation keeping Armenian Reggie alive and producing songs of quality. A song with prime minster’s participation was enough to put all the guilt on them. Before judging others stand in front of the mirror and ask what you have done…

P.S. Its about you seeing…

Armik Israyelyan


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