Is This the Start of Another Human Catastrophe?

Swedish armed forces soldiers attend a rehersal in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm ©Reuters

Conflicts, battles and bloodshed have been an integral part of the on-going human cycle since the very beginning of time. From innocent citizens to soldiers who have no intention to partake in war, those are the most-effected victims of a human catastrophe called, war. During these devastating times, mandatory military service, otherwise known as military conscription, becomes a crucial need for many states who fight to protect their borders. But this isn’t the case for the EU, because since 2010 the majority of the European Union countries signed upon an agreement regulates and retains their overall military expenditures. Sweden, a Scandinavian-European country, was upon the first states who had a positive correspondence to the suggested proposal. Sweden, is also renowned for its neutrality and constant fight for stability in the region, as a result, they eliminated the mandatory military service and instead, they implemented a mixture of draft and voluntary-based service for their army. Consequently, Sweden limited their military expenses, and allocated the unnecessary funds, which are spent on young untrained soldiers to sectors of their economy, which are in need of development and financial endowment.

Visby, Gotland: Sweden has restrained a military garrison on the strategic Baltic Island ©AFP

This newly-adapted law allowed Sweden to regain its identification as a neutral, secular and freedom-supportive country. However, odds were never in Sweden’s favor, since Russia, once again, is creating tension in the region. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because “Mother Russia” and its peaceful leaders are known for their passionate devotion to destabilize most of their neighboring countries. Syria, Crimea and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) are well-known consequences of Russia’s “nonviolent” interventions. Therefore, their recently executed Baltic military drills, are absolutely a matter of concern for a progressive and peaceful country, as Sweden. The Swedish government’s first reaction to these suspicious and somehow dangerous Russian drills, was to reinstate, the previously-eliminated, military conscription. Although, I am a huge admirer and defender of voluntary-based military service, however, throughout these recent years I have come to realize that Russia is a country to be careful of. Since, I have personally witnessed the implementation of Russian soldiers onto my birth town, Aleppo’s, grounds and how the situation started to take a devastating stir, which later forced me to move to Armenia. On the other hand, Armenia, my homeland, also has its fine share of Russian influence, from its political policies to economic situation, Russia is severely wounding Armenia’s sovereignty and freedom.

Swedish military volunteers ©AFP

Throughout these recent years, the world has overwhelmed with innocent tears and bloodshed. Hence, I view Sweden’s law reform, as a defensive move against an alarming military, as Russia’s and I truly hope this won’t set the start for yet another human catastrophe.

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