Make Your New Home a Happier Place!

Happiness is hidden in everything that surrounds us. That is why Chinese people, approximately 3,000 years ago, created a philosophical system called “Feng Shui” that helped people harmonize and balance their surrounding at home, office or any other space. In Chinese culture, Feng Shui (translated as wind and water) meant good fortune and positive energy. Although the philosophical views that followers of this system suggest are not scientifically proved, many people around the world prefer to take into account the advice that Feng Shui gives about house decoration.bigstock-collage-of-feng-shui-destructi-82279469

Here are several tips that according to the philosophy will bring happiness and good energy to your home.

  1. Correctly painted door

Happiness starts from the doors of the house. That is why Feng Shui suggests that the color of your door is one of the key factors that determine your luck. For believers of Feng Shui, east-facing doors should be painted in brown/green, west-facing doors in white/gray, north-facing doors would rather be blue/black, and south-facing doors should be painted in orange/red.

  1. Presence of Fresh Flowers

Feng Shui suggests another way of bringing happiness to your home! According to the philosophy, good luck will come if there are plenty of fresh flowers displayed in your house. Also, flowers have a unique ability to create positive mood and atmosphere, isn’t that so?

  1. A Dreamcatcher  

In some cultures, a dreamcatcher hanging in a bedroom protects the owner from bad dreams. Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, who dedicated a huge part of his life to analyzing the psychology of dreams, would have loved to know about Dreamcatchers!

  1. A Hanging Horseshoe

In many cultures, it is commonly accepted that a horseshoe hanging above the door will bring happiness and good fortune. Moreover, some people believe that the horseshoe should be pointing upwards for good luck not to run out, while others claim that placing the shoe downwards would bring happiness to every person that passes through the door.

It is every individual’s choice whether to trust this philosophy or not. But one thing is certain-happiness, good mood, and positive emotions come from one’s own heart, and his/her’s loved ones!

By Sona Azatyan


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