My time for audiobooks

When people ask me what I like to do when I have a free time, I¬†usually answer that I prefer to read¬†books. In reality, reading books is¬†a challenging task for many students. However, it’s not the matter of reading, because students usually read quite a lot: they read textbooks, newspapers, letters and Facebook, Twitter posts. Still, reading a¬†book is completely different experience. It requires time, concentration and patience. Even watching a film does not require that much concentration than¬†reading a book.


I think in some sense reading books became an old-fashioned thing, because it’s impossible to imagine¬†find four, five hours,¬†sitting on a cozy armchair and reading a book. Still, it’s also wrong to state that students don’t have any time for reading. We need to pose the question differently; when actually students have time for reading. Besides lecture, active studying and working, the other times of the day they are spending their time passively: preparing for the university, waiting at the bus station, walking, having breakfast or dinner.


One of the best ways of spending these time more effectively is actually reading audiobooks. In reality, our parents were also using this method, for instance, listening to a radio. If the student use the same¬†method for listening an interesting audiobook, instead of listening music, then they can “Make the reading mission possible.”¬†I’m not saying that listening music is a bad habit, but students tend to spend time on listening music way too much.¬†Audiobooks are both convenient and maybe contemporary way of reading and enjoying great books. It’s always possible to become more productive!

-Gayane Aramyan


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