“Natural” Beauty Standards in South Korean Culture

song-hye-kyo-all-people-photo-u5 (1).jpg

Small nose, flawless skin, jaw with the form of the letter “V,” wide eyes, youthful-looking appearance and many other characteristics are what are typical to South Koreans. Most of them do not have any problems concerning to their appearances as they became the “victims” of artificially correcting methods. Nature is not the factor that gave them that perfect looks. Rather plastic surgeries are what hides behind the reality.

Plastic surgery is widespread in South Korea. For most of South Koreans, it is the best solution that will give them a chance to be appropriate to the flawless beauty stereotypes. In their beliefs, that is the only way, which will make changes in their marriage, education, and career. Many parents let their children apply to plastic surgery after they finish schools. For Korean children it is considered one of the precise gifts their parents can give them. There are also young people who do those surgeries for becoming a famous idol in K-Pop or K-Drama world.

 Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the popular ones among South Koreans. With the help of this plastic surgery, Koreans get rid of their traditional eye form, which has only one entire eyelid. Instead, after this method, they get an eye form, which has double eyelid, which looks more natural.

The jaw change to the shape of the letter “V” is another common plastic surgery in South Korea. Most of the Koreans do this, for changing the form of their jaws into a more slim form that gives perfect looks to their faces.

South Koreans apply for eye-widening surgery too. As small eyes are typical of Asian people, more often Koreans want to change that and become people with wide eyes.


 Nose correction is one of those plastic surgeries that are popular not only in South Korea but also in all over the world. South Koreans go for this surgery to have a perfect bridge in their noses that is seen as a very beautiful element in Korean culture.


     While looking at the pictures of K-Pop or K-Drama idols, before and after getting fame, there appear vast differences. There can be cases the images before the plastic surgery can be shockingly surprising. When people see these photos, they realize how ordinary humans became the victims of plastic surgeries for becoming beloved idols in South Korea.

 Park Min Young is a famous actress. She played the central role in one of the popular K-Dramas named “Healer.” Her adulthood photo depicts the fact that she applied for plastic surgery. We can see that her jaw form had been changed. Her eyes also were done with the help of plastic methods. As it is evident, she did a double eyelid procedure.


Cho Kyuhyun is the South Korean singer and actor. He also did plastic surgery. As we can see his eyes form are different now. Additionally, his nose and jaw form are also changed.







Famous singer Uee also got her beautiful nose, jaw, and eyes by applying for plastic surgery methods.

Beloved actor Lee Jong Suk, who played the role of protagonist in the dramas “Pinocchio,” “I can Hear Your Voice,” “W-Two Worlds” did rhinoplasty. As it is apparent from the picture, he changed his nose form by making it flawless.


     South Korean actress and singer Hyeri also did a plastic surgery. She changed the form of her eyes as well as forehead.


     Overall, the plastic surgery gradually becomes more spread in South Korea. Due to it, Koreans make new beauty standards. When people follow the beauty stereotypes, they automatically start to apply for plastic surgeries. For most of the Koreans plastic surgery becomes a natural step that they have to do in their lives. It becomes a way of being appropriate to the culture of which they are living. Although it is a negative thing, however, it is so developed in South Korea, that one cannot guess that a person applied for it before he sees that person’s old picture. In the case of idols, although they often use those methods, however because of their innate talents of singing or acting they stay beloved personalities in the world.

Amalya Hambardzumyan


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