New BMW 5 series

BMW is one of the biggest and famous producers in automotive sphere. It recently introduced its new 7th generation of its 5 series of automobiles. Many specialists, who possess a towering intellect, were inclined to believe that BMW will introduce its newer models as sooner as possible because its competitor, Mercedes-Benz, already introduced and started the sales of E class Mercedes Benz in 2016. However, it was a huge surprise for other competitors when BMW decided to introduce its series in 2017. The company tried to do its best to develop 5series in order to meet the demand, satisfy the customers and be able to face and win the competition in a marketplace.

New BMW 5series changes it model and got G30 name. It has changed it exterior and interior getting a new design and encouraging look.


New G30 model is more similar BMW’s 7series but instead it is more compact and with less features. The newest model’s headlights got a new design and more developed LED lights. Moreover, BMW kept its traditional look which headlights are like eyes. Rear lights became thiner making its look more aggressive than F10 model was.



Interior also changed completely by offering its costumers more comfortable seats and new features. BMW made new 10.3-inch screen which is a touchscreen that allows people easily use it. Moreover, it is worth to mention that in F10 model the screen could be used only by mouse. The developers of BMW also made new comfortable and optional multicontour seats which can be controlled with iDrive screen.


Engineers of BMW developed and make new engines. They are offering their costumers diesel, petrol and hybrid engines which became more powerful.

BMW is already started to sell its 5series and the price starts from 51,195$.

Author:Gevorg Ataneysan


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