The Left Does Not Condone the Future that Liberals Want


The words liberal and leftist are not synonymous, not even close. The American political scene throughout the recent elections highlighted the intolerance between leftists and liberals within those groups, yet many still side with the opinion that these groups are more alike than different. On the surface level some of the agendas that these groups hold might seem similar, yet more deeper one digs the more evident those differences become.

It is hard to neatly fit people’s views into a simplistic framework, yet the easiest way to understand the agendas of both parties is to associate liberals with individual freedoms while the left with welfare. Left is mostly associated with Marxism or socialism and is full of anti capitalist critique. On the other hand liberals have the reputation of compromising with powerful and perceiving capitalism as morally acceptable. The constant comparisons of these two groups are rather insulting to the leftists as liberals are always quick to throw the left under the bus. For the liberals the leftist ideologies are too “radical” to the point where they make comparisons of Marxism with fascism. At the same time the same “humanitarian” liberal side fails to fight against fascism instead choosing to compromise with it.

In all honesty the thing that pushed me to write this blog post is the recent normalization of George W. Bush’s actions due to the fact that he spoke against Trump’s actions. What made the situation even worse was Ellen DeGeneres inviting him on her talk show, suddenly making everyone forget everything he did while in the presidential office. Suddenly the liberal side completely forgot about his lies that took thousands of lives as he said that he can’t tolerate racism. He can’t tolerate racism, yet he can tolerate bombing innocent people under his administration and under the Obama administration.

Liberals only speak up when it is convenient for them and considering the pretty comfortable place they hold in society, it doesn’t benefit the society. The silence that the liberal side held as Obama administration took thousands of lives and as he deported more people than any previous president is ironic considering the fact that they speak up against the same issues under the Trump administration. The left does not condone these actions and doesn’t want to be associated with this group, so next time before drawing comparisons between these two groups, please, take a moment to understand the differences.


A very tired leftist.

-Armine Sahakyan


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