The Little Things: Coraline

Its been a… well you see its been quite a… actually its been pretty silent in the white house. I fact President Monkey will be referred to as President Trump until otherwise necessary. The man gave a tremendous speech in congress. The first half was to put it in words; Trumpy, but the second half offered a great narrative into the individual lives of every day Americans, as a result, painting a picture of the United States and how it must come together now more than ever. There was of course that wire tap outburst. President Monkey, see there I go again, actually thinks that a man who spent the past eight years jailed in a bureaucratic system wants to know whats happening… again.

So what is there left to do after such an uneventful week. Well the good news is spring break is ahead and what will I be doing during the sleepless night? You see I can’t really sleep lately. It started over a month ago but has gradually gotten worse and worse. But that’s a subject for another time. Watch a movie. The answer to my previous question is watch a movie, and not just any movie, well, not a movie at all, an animation; Coraline!

Coraline is a stop motion claymation directed by Henry Selick. Stop motion essentially means that the characters were created in real life and instead of using a video format like in most movies every millimeter the object is moved a photo is taken. To take it a step further the objects in this film are entirely made of clay! To shoot just three seconds of the film took an entire day with 30 people working together! I probably watch this animation at least six times a year. As a child I was immensely afraid of the characters with buttons in their eyes. But as a grew older and revisited this masterpiece I became more and more aware of its incredible beauty and emphatic nature.

Coraline is a merge of the chaotic nature of beauty with the absolute form of film. Its a mirage of complex characters and diverse setting with a engaging plot and jaw dropping scenery. The film evolves around a little girl who desperately needs to escape the everyday grey boredom of her life and seeks adventure in dangerous places. Not to give too much away, but every time I watch this story unfold, I am made aware of new sub themes in the plot and new interpretations of dispositional traits in the characters and how it can be related to the world we live in. While this blog does not do service to my favorite film, I highly recommend anyone to dwelve into this fantastic world.



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