Two groups of friends decide to go to a game club. Each group consists of several friends who are gamers. All of the members of two groups just want to play games and have a great time. But the first group decides that they want to play “Call of Duty” “GTA” and “Tekken”. The second group however, decides to play “FIFA17” and “Pro Evolution Soccer17”. Both of the groups decisions are fairly different.

The first group decided to play action adventure and fighting games, they decided to play video games where they get to do things that in real life would be impossible. The first group wanted to have fun with hypothetical, fantasy where they get to do things out of this world and make dreams come true. The first group’s players will get the feeling of what’s it like to be a marine and be a part of a huge war, they will get to shoot guns and kill people. They will get the feeling of being in sports car which is being chased by cops, who chase with not just cars but with helicopters and TANKS!!! When all of the sudden a jet comes in and explodes all of the cops and save the player. Just as the player thinks he is safe he rolls of the mountain and slides down the hill. As the car reaches the bottom all broken the player gets out of it quickly and as he runs away THE CAR EXPLODES!!! A piece of it hits the helicopter and it EXPLODES as well going down as all of the people onboard face their horrible DOOM!!! Finally, the gamers of the first group will experience what’s it like to take control of godlike creatures and MAKE THEM FIGHT each other, beat the shit out of each other. That’s FUN right that’s what video games should be like, talk about violence in video games… No DON’T!

Let’s not forget the second group though. We have to remember that the second group is plating “FIFA” and “PES” those too must be great and awesome, right? Well guess what, they are not nearly as fun. The reason for it is that both games are Football/Soccer games. They are just football games which the gamers of the second group can go outside and play. The second group can just rent a stadium and play football instead of controlling eleven milliners who are just running after the ball for 90 minutes!

By the way, there is a slight difference between the first and the second group. The difference is that the first group of gamers are American while the second were Armenian. See any connections? Why did Americans play completely different games than Armenians?

Everything is going to be explained next time. Until then, stay curious.


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