Why Drink More Water?


Water is the source of life; we can’t survive without it. We can survive weeks without food but only days without water. There are many reasons of why to drink more water.

As our bodies consist of 70 percent of water, water is of vital importance for the proper bodily functions. It promotes better digestion, blood circulation, absorption and transportation of nutrients. It helps to control the calories. While it doesn’t necessarily help a person lose weight, replacing  beverages that contain lot of sugar with water will help maintain the weight.

Drinking water is also important for physical activities to stay hydrate. Because as a result of exercise we sweat, thus we lose fluids and need to replace them through drinking water. Moreover, water helps the brain cells to regenerate. It is also key for the skin to look good. Skin is a protective barrier that cover the entire body and helps prevent the loss of fluids. Dehydration results in dry and wrinkly skin, hence for the skin to look fresh and rejuvenate we need to drink more water.

In order to lead a healthier lifestyle and manage to drink enough water, here are some tips on how to do it;

-Drink 30 minutes before every meal you eat

-Keep a bottle of water at your desk,in your car and in your bag

-Eat fruits and vegetables as 20 %  of the hydration we get from food








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