Being a Vegetarian in Armenia

“You don’t eat chicken?”

“What about beef?”


“Not even fish?”

Those are the inevitable row of questions that I get asked every time I mention something about being a vegetarian. But those are the easy ones. The toughest question is always the one that comes after.

“Why?” they ask and I can no longer get away with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. But thankfully I don’t have to explain myself for long, because we live in Armenia and mostly people don’t have the patience to listen till the end – even if what you’re saying is the answer to their question. So we just skip to the second part: the lecture.

Somehow everyone thinks that they have a new piece of health advice that no one has considered telling me during my 6 years of vegetarianism. Either it’s that meat has certain proteins that no other food can provide or that I am a “growing organism” in need of meat. Sometimes people get more creative, but those occasions are so rare that I hardly remember their arguments.

Part three comes when they give up. They either give me the “you’re hopeless” look or leave me with a final thought-provoking piece of advice, “At least eat fish”. I nod, more out of relief that the conversation is over than an agreement to take their advice.

I have gotten used to it, though, and have begun to think that since no one else is getting creative, maybe I should. Maybe I should just record my answers to the questions Armenians ask vegetarians and press “play” as soon as the “interview” begins!


2 thoughts on “Being a Vegetarian in Armenia

    1. Well, seafood that doesn’t fall in the category of animals is not meat (for example, edible sea plants), so that would be okay for me to eat. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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