A small country which has the region’s second least population, with the highest level of the wildlife and nature protection, with the smallest level of crime and poverty, and over 82% of its population happiness rate. Welcome to Bhutan.

Located in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is the last Kingdom of the region, which practices tantric Buddhism as its official religion. The religion is concentrated on people’s happiness mainly. Thus the government believes that every citizen’s main goal in life should be seeking for the happiness. The country has even placed that point in the 9th article of its constitution. culture-of-bhutan

As the happiness is a top priority of national policy, the article in the constitution and religion only are not enough, and the country established the Ministry of Happiness and became the only country in the world with such Ministry. After Bhutan, several other countries such as United Arab Emirates attempt do some steps toward the creation of Ministry of Happiness, but U.A.E ended up by appointing a minister of Happiness, which to me is nothing more than just a formal step.

Another interesting fact about the Bhutan is that most of its population are vegetarians, importing chemical fertilizers in the country is forbidden that is why the food there is only organic. Cutting trees in the country is forbidden too along with killing wild animals. People there try to plant and grow as many trees as possible, and of course, they try to be as happy as it is possible.

Laura Sargsyan




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