The Oscars 2017

The Academy Awards, also called the Oscars, is a nomination honoring event through which many actors win the corresponding nomination. The awards ceremony was first taken place in 1930 and was broadcast only in 1953. In our days there are almost 200 counties that have an opportunity to watch the ceremony live or watch it after some time. In 2017 the 89th Academy Awards was held on February 26 at the Dolby Theatre, in California. The categories of the nominations were different from best actor/actress to best original song and best costume design.Brody-Oscar-Whiteness-Machine-1200

Like in previous years and like in any other ceremonies there were some disagreements and feuds between the celebrities and the hosts. One of the most discussed things was how Nicole Kidman was clapping. For some people the way she was clapping was really weird since it was like a parody of someone. Her fans as well as others wrote about it in their twitters discussing why she would do that. After some days Nicole was interviews and she said that she was wearing a very expensive and huge ring that is why she could not clap like normally. However, people did not stop making fun of the actress and saying that surely no one would want to damage that kind of ring by clapping in a normal way.170309135813-nicole-kidman-clap-exlarge-169

Another, more serious and discussed topic was the wrong announcement of the best picture. The TV host firstly announced that it was honored to the “La La Land” cast, but then turned out that the award should actually be given to the “Moonlight” movie. Some actors thought it was done on purpose but after some time the rumors were over.



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