Two Avocado Trees Quietly Growing in Armenia

My family and I have one thing in common – we loooooove avocadoes! One day we started dreaming about how cool it would be if we lived in Brazil or Uganda or any other tropical land abundant with that green, delicious, nutritious, and butter-smooth magical fruit. Then another day we thought, “Hmm, why not plant an avocado tree right here in Armenia?” And then another day, we did just that!

Of course, we know that avocadoes are native to tropical climates and that it’s almost impossible to grow them in the dry four-season climate of Armenia. But somehow we now have two trees growing in our house and one of them is almost as tall as my mom!

Many people who come to our house think it is just a regular plant. Then when we tell them that it’s an avocado tree, they look very impressed. But their faces change when we tell them we are hoping it will give avocadoes. They suddenly look pitiful as they anticipate the guaranteed disappointment of our unrealistic hopes. They explain to us that it is already a miracle that the tree has not died yet; we shouldn’t cultivate hopes for it to be fruitful.

In time, I also started to have doubts. Clearly it had not happened to anyone before – no avocadoes had been produced in Armenia. But my mom once said something that I will never forget; as a reply to some skeptic remark, she said, “But just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it won’t now!”

What she said reminded me of a quote by the poet Jalaluddin Rumi; “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” I added that quote to my mom’s comment and now I’m back to believing that our avocado trees will one day give lots and lots of fruits!


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