5 gorgeous similarities of ordinary people with celebrities

Each of us is unique, but nature sometimes astonishes with amazing coincidences. Some scientists even claim that each of us has seven twins. I want to show 5 ordinary people who are very similar to celebrities.

Mara Taigen and Angelina Jolie


The young American model Mara Taigen is strikingly similar to the actress Angelina Jolie, who is knows as the most beautiful female celebrity. Mara is also rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion world and, perhaps, largely due to this similarity.

Ellinor Hellborg and Adele


Ellinor Hellborg is 23 years old, she lives in Sweden and works as a make-up artist. But in addition she is very similar to British singer Adele. Even in some photos, that Elinor posted in her account in Instagram, it is impossible to distinguish her from Adele.

Michael Hickson and Zac Efron


At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last year, actor Zac Efron accidentally meet the 22-year-old diving champion Michael Hickson. Well, can you imagine the surprised face expression of Zac, who meet his “twin.”

Max Kessler and Adam Sandler


23-year-old Max Kessler once saw that Adam Sandler’s hero of  in the new film is called … Max Kessler. This surprised the young man doubly, because he himself is incredibly similar to the famous actor.Max did not get confused and posted his photo with the signature in social networks, that he is the real Max Kessler. The actor accepted this comic duel and even met Max personally.

Nikolay Posleda and Daniel Radcliffe


Krasnoyarsk resident Nikolai Posleda surprised everyone with his truly magical similarity with Daniel Radcliffe more recently – in January this year. Nowadays the number of its subscribers is measured in thousands. Although, of course, many of them complain that the Harry Potter double, unfortunately, does not have a scar.









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