A Promising Perception


With the hope and the splendor of the spring, our days are about to get injected with new and fresh doses of magic and beauty. The key to living a fulfilled life is to take a moment out of your day and appreciate everything that you see, everything that you have. But, in order to do that, you have to clearly see where you stand in this life and what you stand for.

And with vision comes eyesight. Poor eyesight is one of the things I’ve struggled for as long as I am able to recall. Back in middle school, I remember squinting at whatever was written on the black board, but no amount of squinting helped me figure anything out. That’s when my parents took me to an ophthalmologist, who prescribed eyeglasses for me from the age of ten. Needless to say, I hated wearing eyeglasses and I would sit in the very front of the classroom and squint my eyes as hard as I could, while my eyeglasses were hidden in a boring brown case at the very bottom of my backpack. With this, my eyesight gradually got worse and worse until finally, I commenced wearing optical lenses.

I can reminisce the exact moment the optometrist made me wear contact lenses in his office, the moment I stepped out of the hospital to get to the car; the world looked unlike anything I had ever seen or imagined. The sharp edges of the majestic green leaves were dancing to the soft breeze of the spring air; the skies were so blue that they took me to another world. I was awestruck. How could I exist in this world for fifteen years and never see how utterly remarkable it was?

Every second that we get to experience in this world, everything that we are surrounded with is extraordinary. When you really think about it, how amazing is it to be alive, to love and to be loved, to truly live life with numerous adventures. We need to open our eyes to the beauty of this world, and stop concentrating on the bad stuff. With the upcoming elections in Armenia, I constantly hear my friends and family complain about this godforsaken country and its path to self-destruction. Everybody is always complaining about the bumpy roads and the crumbling buildings, but no one is attempting to see the good. No one is trying to do anything about it, to change anything towards the better. Share positivity, share love, share wisdom and all things good. Empower others and make them feel better about themselves and the world. Don’t you see that complaining about something isn’t going to make it better? It’s only going to make you feel worse, as you’ll fall into this damaging cycle of negativity. So stop seeing the bad and start seeing the good, because there’s so much good in this world if you look hard enough for it.


-Sinara Isoyan


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