Art As Survival

Have you ever had the feeling that just too damn much was going on in your life? Not just in your personal life, but things happening in the space surrounding your life were making you anxious? Kind of like trying to stay upright while standing in quicksand, when you think you are doing a good job, then look down and notice that you are up to your ankles and sinking? Sounds familiar? I guess it is just life, but when too much starts happening, I find myself getting anxious. And I turn to art, as I always have, as a way of focusing, calming myself, and finding my way past the anxiety and into a healthier place for my mood, mind and mental health.

 We are surrounded by love past and present, by those gone from our life, and those still a part of it. Past and present intermingled, and we draw strength from the thread of life, the continuity that is there even when we don’t realize it is. And as we sort through the emotions, the tempest in our teacup settled, and we sigh, take a deep breath…and relax.

It’s little things that make big things happen.


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