Be Healthy, Be Happy!

The process of transmitting from winter season to the spring brings a warm weather and sun, but on the other hand, during this transformation people are more likely to get different kinds of flu and viruses. The reason for this could be the fact that after feeling the warmness, we quickly change our closets from warm jackets and boots to t-shirts and sneakers. Although many people do not take the flu and its consequences seriously, those viruses can cause serious problems not only for children but also for elders and pregnant women. Considering the fact that a soft sickness can become a huge issue, it is better to be more careful on this days.

Thus, here are several pieces of advice that would hopefully be helpful in avoiding sicknesses.

  1. Wash your hands more often.

No matter what kind of work you are doing, it is always better to take time and wash your hands with the help of soup. Moreover, if you live or work in an environment where sick people are present, it is even more important to look after the cleanness of your hands and skin.

  1. Use a hand sanitizer.

If you are in a situation where washing your hands with water and soap is impossible or not comfortable, do not take this opportunity to start eating or working with dirty hands! Always keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your bag or pocket. The sanitizers are small in size, so it would not be difficult for you to carry them.

  1. Avoid getting into close contact with people who are sick.

This sounds very simple, but many people forget about the viruses they can catch while getting close to the ones who already got the flu. If you do not want to stay in bed on this sunny days, it is better to prevent yourself from even shaking hands with sick people.

  1. Healthy lifestyle!

Try to look after your health. Do more exercises that would contribute to your wellness (for example, go for a walk or start running in the mornings). Also, avoid smoking.

If you are not planning to “have a good time” at home this season, this tips will help you to avoid undesirable sicknesses. Be healthy, be happy!

-Sona Azatyan 


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