Change in School Curriculum

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Schools are considered to be the basic part of education. In Armenia, elementary school provides the students with skills to write and make simple calculations with multiplication table. In the middle school, it gives them more profound knowledge concerning main subjects such as Armenian Language and Literature, Algebra and Geometry, English, Russian Language and Literature. Simultaneously, it provides them with general education concerning secondary, or as they are usually called – oral subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Armenian and World History etc. In the high school, there are presented the concluding parts of the same subjects.

The question is: Is it really necessary for students to pass through this whole curriculum throughout 12 years?

Anyway, we can accept the usefulness of the elementary school, as one can not be considered a civilized person, without the knowledge of writing and making simple calculations without multiplication table.

However, it is obvious that there will be hardly any student, who will improve in his career by using the knowledge gained from all 15 school subjects. Thus, the classes that will not be useful for the student in his future career must be omitted from his curriculum and consequently he will not have to learn and pass them on the exams.

Nowadays, students stay at schools for nearly 7 hours and then they come home and continue working on their home assignments on tomorrow. Obviously, the amount of work completed in one workday includes various subjects, which has to be learned by students only because, it is prescribed by Ministry of Education. Thus, students are completely overwhelmed by their work and this issue leads to certain problems for them.

Firstly, by simultaneously working on all 15 school subjects students are deprived from the opportunity to improve in those ones which they personally consider more useful for their future career. In other words, they are spending too much time by remembering the information learned at school and doing the homework related to the subjects which are completely useless for them. For instance, if a person decides to become an expert in marketing or translating, he will hardly need to study the huge amount of information concerning biology or chemistry, while he definitely should be well-skilled in the sphere of foreign languages. Thus, the amount of time he is supposed to spend on developing his French, Spanish or German skills, he will actually waste on learning chapters from biology or chemistry text book, what actually might appear to be both – useless and boring for him.

Secondly, at schools students are busy with their classes for 7 hours and nearly for the same amount of time on their homework. Thus, this kind of lifestyle sooner or later might lead to certain health issues. As a result of constant stress, lack of proper amount of movement and sleep, students might experience such diseases as headaches, sight impairment, fatigue etc.

Thirdly, due to such hard lifestyle, students are deprived from proper amount of free time, which they might spend on their hobbies or other helpful activities, such as doing sports. This issue might explain students’ usual reluctance toward studying what consequently contributes such activities as cheating on the exams etc.

Thus, students waste too much time and effort on the subjects they are never going to use in the future. In order to avoid such useless activities, it will be much more productive if the the school curriculum will not be so hard for students. One possible way to improve it is to label the secondary subjects to elective category. Thus, throughout the rest 8 years in the middle and high school, the student annually will be able to pick one elective subject out of 8 ones. Hence, students will not be overwhelmed too much with their studies what will allow them to concentrate on their priority, get the general education on all oral subjects and have opportunity to enjoy their free time.

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