Close to The Armenian-Turkish Border

17270458_1436572836405475_840591279_n.jpgPerhaps many of you have heard about ancient Armenian capital city of Artashat. The last day of spring break was a productive day. I joined to “ArmArcheo Travel” tour company and accomplished a tour in historical sites of Artashat.

Our group had a chance to get familiar with he structure of ancient cities, see the semi-preserved walls of buildings, such as Hellenic bathrooms, palaces, houses of artisans (in the picture above), medieval churches found as a result of excavations. We found some pieces of pottery work with beautiful ornaments. We also saw Khor Virap monastery (which lies on one of the 14th hills of Artashat city) from different angle. I had one more interesting day.

For you to know17270577_1436573076405451_654620610_n, Ancient Artashat city was constructed by Roman general Hannibal in 190 BC. It soon became the administrative center of the Historic Armenia. The ancient city lied on 13-14 hills, some part of it now  is outside our country. It was built between the territories of Metsamor and Araks rivers.

The archaeological sites of Artashat city are close to the Armenian-Turkish border. The group of archaeologists get permission for some time per year to have access to the borderline to do excavations. Various valuable exponents have been found as a result of the excavations. The findings are exhibited in the History Museum of Armenia, in Republic Square, Yerevan.

Author: Karine Dilanyan



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