Dreams Do Come True

 Let me start by saying I love my job, here’s why and how. As a student who lacks experience, I was looking for ways and opportunities to gain some experience and do something that I love. After asking around for a while, people kept telling me that it’s impossible to find something like this in Armenia. I gave up and started applying for random internship anywhere I could find one, as a result I quit most of them in less than a week.


Not long after that I got my ticket to paradise, I was on the doorsteps of my perfect world. I had applied for a job at PicsArt and totally forgot about it, but I got an email after two months for an interview request. From the first impression I was in love with the place, and magical things continued happening during the interview. I knew I will belong at PicsArt when my manager asked me what is the one thing that I find myself getting lost into, and my answer was photo editing. I can’t believe that my answer led me to a job that I love.

Photo editing isn’t only a passion or a hobby, to me it’s a stress relief method. When I walk into the office every day I know that this is my asylum. I know that this is a place where I can do what I love as a job and improve my skills further more in photo editing. And the best part is driving home after work through Hradzan Valley every day. Be careful what you wish for, cause you might get it all.

– Houry Pilibbossian


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