The History of Chess

The history of chess goes 1500 years back in history. Our most recent  predecessors of this intellectual game come from India before the 6th century AD. The game was known as “chaturanga”(now a chess-variant) and the pieces had completely different patterns for moving.


There have been many changes to the rules of this game throughout the centuries. The last and most recent changes have been made in the late 20th century.Some even question the possibility of the game to be originated in China. The interesting factor is that it spread out from India to Persia, as the Arabs conquered the Persian lands and the game was played mainly in the Muslim communities. In Europe the game became available only starting from the early 15th century and only to noblemen.


Nowadays this game is available to all of us. We get to see and feel the beauty of this game, enhance our thinking capabilities and develop various strategies.

Twelve soldiers, who want to achieve glory in the battlefield, 2 bishops who are ready to breach and strike the farthest corners of the enemy defenses, 2 knights who fight for their honour, 2 rooks which defend the kingdom and lastly, the King and his loyal and strong wife, the Queen. All of them fight for one purpose. VICTORY!

For the KING!


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