Jacqueline Mikuta and Klemens White  have their blog and Instagram page ‘Mikutas’. Everyday they are making contracts with the most expensive local (Germany) and international brands both in fashion or in interior industry. mikuta-london-blue-coat-4 All they do is to wear different trendy clothes or to use some pieces of furniture while taking some unique photos. Very soon Jaqueline and Klemens started to earn money and extend the boarders of their work. Today their photoshoots are happening in different parts of the world. They are being invited into the most important events of the fashion industry.  Well, but where they were at 2013. Klemens were living with his ordinary life at Germany when his friend’s friend – Jacqueline rented a room in his house. Their love story reminds a romantic movie of roommates who fell in love and get married. However, their love was not the only thing connecting them. The unique style of photographing was dear to both of them. Very soon they started to photograph their everyday life, by mentioning different brands on photos and writing articles in their blog. The blog became lifestyle themed. The unique effect of their photos soon grabbed attention.effect jeans However, what brought them fame waseffect the Instagram page that Jacqueline opened. The effect that they created for all their photos became famous for all bloggers and vloggers. Besides the high quality photos and unique effect, they were keeping the simplicity in their each post. While going through their blog or Instagram page we can read captions such as ‘Having breakfast’ or “Our cozy afternoon’. The comments ‘Where you bought it?’ or ‘I want your outfit’ and thousands of followers grabbed different designer’s attention as well.

One of their answers to what they think brought them success is that they didn’t started blog or taking photos for money or fame. What they are doing is taking photos of ordinary things not in an ordinary way. By doing this they try to show people the art and the beauty of everyday details, which do not matter to most of the people. People notice beauty easily when its not their life. So this modern successful couple wants people see the beauty of simplicity.

P.S. Its about you seeing

Armik Israyelyan







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