Overview of The Arisoft Game


Strikeball is a game which was originated in Japan in 1980′ when America did not allow Japan to make its military operations. The consequence was that Japan did not give up qnd started to make airsoft guns and make military operations with them. During 1990’s strikeball started to be spreaded in other countries as well after some time it found its place in a sport list.


Strikeball is a game in which mostly younger generation is interested. Players being divided into two groups which contain minimum 3 members. After choosing the groups the players take some role and position in order to make the game more interesting. There are several types of roles to take part in, but the most known ones are attack/defense strategy, keeping the president from being terrorized and carrying the flags from one place to another.


Airsoft guns are being built very similar to real weapons. They are so alike that even sizes and weights are the same. There are several types of airsoft guns and each of them similar to a real one starting from ak-47 to M-4. They shoot 0.2 mm balls which is not dangerous or harmful for players. Before starting the game players take on special clothing and masks to keep themselves safe and secure from danger. Balls are a little bit painful and can harm the skin and body if the player do not keep the safety rules.


In Armenia, strikeball started to be in use starting from 2010. Moreover, there is a federation which brings the game to a higher level and make it more interesting, organized and creative.

Author: Gevorg Atanesyan


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