Paddling the Atlantic Ocean Unaided to Aid Children of South Africa

A South African surfer has recently set up a world record by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 93 days with his Stand-up Paddle (SUP) board without any assistance.


Chris Bertish departed from Morocco, Africa, Dec. 6, 2016, and arrived in Antigua in the morning, March 9, 2017, having paddled about 4 500 miles (7500 km). Unpredictable weather conditions, huge tides and various sea animals including sharks were challenges that accompanied Bertish throughout his journey. 20-feet in overall length, Berish’s SUP board had a small cabin that was equipped with the necessary facilities such as satellite phone, radio, radar, water maker, and it served as a shelter for him as well. Furthermore, Bertish was supplied with freeze-dried food for the long journey.

Bertish made his mind to set off the risky trip to raise money for charity organizations Signature of Hope Trust, the Lunchbox Foundation and Operation Smile. Having raised the money, Signature of Hope Trust aims to build five schools in poor regions of South Africa, the Lunchbox Foundation aims to give monthly dividend whereby to feed children and the Operation Smile aims to provide monthly dividend whereby surgery costs would be covered for kids born with facial defects. So far, Bertish has raised about $ 6 million, as reported.


Previously, Bertish has accomplished records for surfing and long distance stand-up paddling. Bertish believes that the difficulties and dangers faced during his journey are not in vain but worthy since the charity organizations will assist children of South Africa with the money raised.

Luiza Vardanyan



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