Put yourself in others’ shoes

Before being too quick to judge someone’s appearance or actions think twice. It is a part of human nature to observe, feed our curiosity and make assumptions about the world that surrounds us.What if someone sees you just the way you see them. Would that view satisfy you?

Our expectations, cultural backgrounds, perceptions of the world and ourselves creates an image that is not always pure reality. Because someone wears the same shirt every single day, doesn’t mean they are poor. What if they like that one shirt so much that they just never want to take it off? If you don’t know the story behind it, don’t label the person. When someone is a loudspeaker or has a loud laugh it doesn’t necessarily mean they are attention seekers.  The person that has a grumpy face and walks as if they don’t want to talk to anyone most likely need talking and opening their hearts the most.put_yourself_in_my_shoes

Think of yourself for a second. Look at yourself from another angle.The best way to understand others and yourself is observing your own attitude from a side. Be compassionate, if you think you can’t relate to a certain situation think of how you would if you were the other person. That will change the entire picture for you.

Be open-minded and understanding. Put on their shoes and try to walk a mile with their lifestyle, their ambitions, goals, past, present or future. Feel the struggle? Only the person wearing their shoes understands their own burden.


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