Real Beauty Campaign

The main goal of Dove’s advertisement  “Real Beauty Campaign” is to make women feel more comfortable and confident about themselves. In the poster women are standing together and posing. The way they stand impresses how confident they are and shows how comfortable are they with their looks. They are happy and free in regard of not being perfect. Their confidence is breaking the stereotype of 21st century’s beauty. We can see that Dove broke the standards of beauty and it demonstrates that they are thinking and being more creative, as they understand that average women will appreciate this advertisement and the product, as average women look alike with the models in the poster. Average women do not spend hours at gym; however this ad shows that no matter what size women have they can look perfect if they use that product.

dove (1)
Thus, the promotions of the ad are very dynamic and have opened individuals’ brains towards another sort of beauty standards by showing circumstances that are not typically found in this kind of advertisements. The ad was a well thoroughly considered strategy to engage ladies to be more satisfied and contented about their looks. The use of ethos and pathos appeals to audiences mind and emotions.
Finally, the advertisement shows that it is not necessarily to be perfect but to feel perfect.

Author: Anna Amiryan



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