Student-centered learning

Students well know the challenge of not sleeping during long lectures. Lecturing is a type of learning which everybody think is not effective, but still continue to use the same practise. Even professors don’t like that style. But why is it so difficult to change the lecture into more student-centered learning?

I think one of the main reasons is the fear of change. Change in any system causes a lot of stress which many educational institutions would like to avoid. Also, institutions can not exactly measure the positive impact of changing lecturing into more individualized learning.


If we look at the historical aspect of lectures, we can see that in this type of classrooms lecture was the only place for acquiring information from professors and the entire lecture could afford only one course book.

Nowadays technology entirely changes the way students get information. This does not mean that the role of lecturer or instructor became less important, but it changed their role in education. Nowadays instructor’s role became more important than ever, because s/he is no longer conveying information, but rather guiding and helping them to understand information and making students more knowledgable.

Students need to see that they are the centre of the classroom. In this sense, students decide to trust the instructor the way s/he will organizes and guides the class and if students are not satisfied with the content and methods, then the instructor must be flexible to change certain things in curriculum. The same way students must be willing to learn knew things. The mutual collaboration will eventually give them the most effective results, because learning is a constant and continued process.

-Gayane Aramyan


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