The Holiday Mentality

If you are a student of the American University of Armenia, you have probably been granted the privilege of enjoying a one-week Spring Holiday. Likewise, you are probably aware of the fact that it has come to an end. What surprises me the most is the speed at which time flies when you are granted a break – or anything good, for that matter. It literally seems as though we’d just been given our holiday, and suddenly it’s time to go back and face a world of classrooms, responsibilities and endless cups of coffee.
Don’t get me wrong – I’m one of those people that like their majors, and appreciate the privilege of going to university. But just like any other normal person, I also enjoy staying at home and being a bit less productive. Sure, it gets boring, but that still isn’t enough motivation for me to not enjoy time off. And now that it’s over, I feel like I’ve been cheated of out my enjoyment.
This got me thinking about the strangeness of time, and how quickly it seems to go by. I remember researching this topic a couple of times, and the main explanation I saw everywhere was the argument that you focus less on time when you are feeling good or relaxed, and therefore it stops being an important factor. Ironically, this disregard for time and routine is what makes it fly by so fast. Science is a peculiar thing.


Tatevik Mikaelyan


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