The Michalaks.

55bd5e71244c39863de0a913e9cdbad8Since October 2014, I have been subscribed to the Michalak’s YouTube channel. They are a family of three to-be-four. Everything started in 2012, when London-based Hannah Maggs decided to create a YouTube beauty vlog channel and her future husband Stefan Michalak decided to edit her videos for her and they both made it work. At first, it was just a little beauty vlog channel and then, when Stef and Hannah found out they expected their first baby, the channel grew up to be a channel of weekly pregnancy update vlogs. Hannah’s husband was the one who encouraged her to grow the vlog for he also enjoyed the editing and the whole process in general. Then, when Grayson was born, they decided to make the channel into a weekly vlog diary for their boy, for him to one day turn around and watch back all the valuable moments that they had cherished so much. The channel grew up to be known as the channel about the Michalak family now and believe it or not, it is the highlight of a number of people’s Sundays. Why you may ask? For there is a high-quality engaged content, which is by no means biased, fake or ad-oriented. The family does make some living of it and does get promoted by some sponsors at times but only when they themselves truly find the product to be useful and interesting. The vlogs are popular by Stef’s silky montages and the immense amount of hard work they all put into the videos. They just make every second of the vlog count. But what’s most important, the whole family makes a huge connection with its audience. Mostly, because they are wholeheartedly sincere and devoted to their work. First and foremost, they have always been true to themselves. Now Hannah has established her make-up bag business as for being a full-time mum, and they both as a couple have a family business of making prints out of the comments of their subscribers. Stefan also has a start-up business — the Wantfeed site, which is basically a wish list making site for occasions like if you want to buy your friend something but you don’t know what specifically. I simply love everything they do and how dedicated and honest they are to all their viewers. Just check them out if you fancy a good old YouTube watch or obsession, I envy you now for you now have a load of a library of awesome videos to watch guys. Enjoy! Thanks for making me watch YouTube even more you lovely bastards, aka the Michalaks. ❤️ The Michalaks Hannah Maggs

-Diane Jakob


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