“Electronic cigarettes were invented to reduce the amount of population!”


Today, vapes are actively advertised among young people. There are a lot of sites and a lot of videos on YouTube that promote the vape culture. Right on the territories of schools you can see the starting pairs of high school students. And no one hinders this: “It’s not a cigarette!”. Parents are reassured by their teens: “There is a minimum content of nicotine, or there is none at all!” However, in addition to nicotine in electronic devices “for hovering” was a lot of carcinogens and other harmful substances. So, it turned out that most electronic cigarettes contain toxic diacetyl. According to doctors, vapes and electronic cigarettes just also cause addictive and irreversible changes in the bronchi and lung tissues.

According to doctors and researches, vapes also cause deaths, no matter it is electronic cigarette or usual cigarettes, the harm, which emerges from vapes and such kind of equipment is unacceptable.

Electronic devices for smoking, as well as ordinary cigarettes, fulfill one task – to reduce the population. They should not be limited, but generally forbidden! It was impossible to allow their sale on the territory of Armenia. Majority of population in Armenia die from cancer or other similar illnesses, such illnesses emerge from smoking or not living with proper lifestyle that every person should.


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