The Strenght of Attention



Nowadays, the political life in Armenia is very active. All we see is the campaigns of candidates, and all we hear is the same promises. They promise, swear, do their best to convince, introduce perfectly written plans, and give either genius or horrific speeches. What they mostly say is that they will make our lives better, enforce the economy, create more job opportunities, and increase the salaries. This is the period when, after five years’ pause, they are again in a close relation to the ordinary people. They took a lot of efforts to flirt people’s hearts, and persuade them that they are the only solutions of the recovery of Armenia.

What drives me crazy the most is that none of them talk about the importance of the ordinary people’s involvement in their plans. None of them mention the importance of the citizens in decision-making processes, and in development of our motherland. What they say is that we, the citizens, should count on them, and they will solve our problems. Furthermore, they can say that we need them not only for voting, but also for discussing and taking the pros and cons of an issue, which will affect all of us. Instead, the politicians forget that for a fully democratic country, like Armenia, citizens must be informed about what changes they are vulnerable to, and what those changes will bring.

Без названия

And this is the line, where our problems originate. The candidates make us miserable and insecure, and then introduce themselves as our protectors. This is both ridiculous, but at the same time is very painful. If this attitude change, and if they realize that we need them, then probably Armenia will turn into a country, where its citizens feel important, and powerful people for their country’s prosperity. And what is most is that its citizens will have hope again towards the future, and the good will of people will be primary again after a long break.




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