8 Reasons to Eat Chocolate


  1. It’s healthy for the heart and blood circulation
    A study conducted in 2010 found out that chocolate lowers blood pressure, thus decreases chances of developing heart diseases. In case of hypertension dark chocolate can help reduce it.
  2. It makes you happy
    Australian researchers found that as a result of usage of cocoa influenced people to be calm and content. Moreover, cocoa also promotes a better mental performance.
  3. Helps control the weight
    Despite the popular belief that you can gain weight from eating chocolate, a study by the University of California showed that it can, in fact, help  a person maintain the weight.
  4. Chocolate has anti-aging properties. A recent study found that flavanol in cocoa can reduce age-related cognitive dysfunction.
  5. It’s good for the brain
    Cocoa flavanol is also thought to reduce memory loss and has anti-inflammatory qualities.
  6. It helps to reduce stress levels
    Not only does eating dark chocolate every day lower stress hormones, but also lowers stress activity in situations like speaking before an audience, that may cause stress.
  7. It boosts your energy
    Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, positively affects exercise capacity  and it’s an energy booster considering the fact that it has caffeine in it.
  8. It just tastes good
    If you have a sweet tooth and can’t go a day without chocolate, just try to have a moderate amount of it and replacing it with dark chocolate will have health benefits as well.







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