Comic Book Recommendations


In all honesty I’m running out of ideas for the blog posts, not that during first few weeks I did a particularly good job, but still. As I didn’t have anything important or interesting to write about, I decided to do something I have meant to do for a long time. Many people ask me about how my comic book obsession started and where should they start from. I always hesitate with the answer as I had to sit through tons and tons of horrible issues and overall titles. I wouldn’t wish anyone to have the same experience as I did, but at the same time it’s hard to find books that would be interesting to everyone. As a result I came up with an idea to create a list that doesn’t involve any “superhero” comic books as those are torturous to get into (Trust me, especially with DC comics), but involves a diverse set of genres. Without further a do lets get right into it.

The Wicked and The Divine

(Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Mckelvie)



In all honesty currently this is one of the best titles both visually and plot wise. If you ever wished to see old God’s in the form of current pop stars with horrible attitudes solve a murder mystery, then look no more. The synopsis of this amazing book seems so ridiculous, but it is so engaging and emotional. The book has everything; humor, drama, great action and most importantly an engaging and diverse cast of characters. The only two warnings I would give to people is if you hate major character deaths or if someone is homophobic, then this book is not for you.


(Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Artist: Fiona Staples)


This one is for the people who are into romance more particularly into Sci-Fi Romeo and Juliet. I know, I know, you can find this title in every recommendation list and people even say it is overrated, but trust me it is worth a try. The book mostly focuses on family values and the power of love, but it holds so much more. The book is told by a kid who is born from parents from two different species/races which are currently at war with one another. Basically the birth of the kid is illegal and the book follows the adventures of her along with her parents trying to escape all sorts of challenges. Once again the book is full of humor, but you will catch yourself crying at certain issues. The warnings for this one include large amount of violent and explicit content.

Paper Girls

(Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Artist: Cliff Chiang)



 Do you like Stranger Things? Well forget about it as it has nothing on this book. It is hard to even explain this one without spoilering or seeming crazy. The book starts in 80’s and follows the “adventures” of four 12-year-old girls. It is important to note that the book doesn’t particularly follow the horror genre, it is more of a mystery mixed with Sci-Fi. Time travelling is involved. With this one I don’t think there are any warnings.


(Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Jock)


It was hard to choose only one title for the horror book genre as I have so many favorites, but reading this one was an unforgettable experience. The title is complete and rather short with only six issues, so for people who are new to the comic book world it will be easy to digest it.  I don’t want to accidentally spoil the book, so instead I will say after reading it you might develop a fear of trees for some time. The warnings are obvious with this one as it is a horror book.


(Writer: Neil Gaiman)


This is probably the most heavy book out of the list and is in a sense risky for beginners, yet I think this is one of those books everyone should read even if they aren’t into comics. Neil Gaiman is a genius and this is one of his best works. All the genres discussed above are smashed together in this stunning title. It is beautiful, thought provoking and unforgettable. It is also responsible for creating my two all time favorite characters of all time (Death of the Endless and Lucifer Morningstar). The main character of the book is Morpheus also known as the Dream of the Endless who is summoned to the human world. The book is one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the history of comic books with over 26 Einser Awards. Warnings include from time to time graphic content.

-Armine Sahakyan


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