Commercials Fool Us

Commercials are meant to advertise the product or whatever to the customera in order to get new users or buyers. Overall, commercials seem to be very productive as they reach their aim in frames of gaining new market, because their ads work really well in indluencing people’s views toward the product. Commercials however are not only shown on TV in forms of video clips. They often may be shown even on the way the product is packed. For example, an ice-cream may have a cover which shows the ice-cream ia formed like a Mickey Mouse. This really does catch our attention and we automatically want to try it because it looks really well designed. Once we buy it, we totally are dissapointed. Instead of a black and red Mickey, there is an oval form of white ice cream which only has some chocolate ears. Then there can be some online shopping commercial fails. For example, one pays for a well-shaped dress that just fits perfectly on the model. We set the size and color. Once we get the dress, we are again not satisfied. We get a shapeless dress that does not fit the qualities we have set for the dress. This basically speaks about how false commercials are and how much they fool people. We believe it and buy, but the products not always comply the commercials.


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