Eight must haves for this spring

An eye Catching accessory

A memorable and, in a good way, a strange accessory – is a number one must-have for this spring. It can be worn all season both with bright things and with neutral clothing.


A white striped suit

Depending on what is worn underneath, the white suit may look either strict or coquettishly. The White suit can be worn for a meeting, spring presentations, and exhibitions.



Even if the wardrobe already has a thousand shirt dresses, this season will need one more: exquisite, in ivory shades, with big sleeves and buttons.


Top Corset

The bustier is now an as basic element of the wardrobe, like a white T-shirt. You can wear it – and you need to wear it – just as carelessly as a white T-shirt. To work, or on holiday, with classic trousers and jeans, on your naked body and over your shirt.


New Kimono

Orientalism is a popular trend of this season. To be in trend, it is enough to wear a kimono or something close to it in appearance. Authentic vintage copies of it are in trend as much as the modern variations of it.


Shirt with a print on it

A bright silk shirt with a graphic print is an undeniable trend of this season, which is coming back to us from the 1970s. Thanks to shirts with print 1970s will never go out of fashion.




The trench is an obligatory thing in a fashionable wardrobe. It’s hard to imagine a look that the trench will not fit into.



Overalls a comfortable and sexy alternative to dress: it works 24/7 and, depending on the styling, it changes from a casual look to an evening one.


Inesa Nadarina


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