Elections: Taxi Driver Edition


There is a common belief that taxi drivers know everything and had businesses before becoming full-time drivers. Taxi drivers appear to be knowledgeable on everything; they can discuss every topic with enthusiasm. They have clear opinion and thoughts on different subjects, especially about elections.

During the past few days, I had a chance to talk with a few taxi drivers from Yerevan and Dilijan. I like that they were against voting for the candidates who offer bribes to them. However, some shared the same idea that they would take the bribe but vote for the candidate they really want. To the question, why they would take the money, they answered that they would take the corrupted money from oligarchs because they stole theirs in the first place.

Some taxi drivers also do some experiments. I met Armen dzyadzya, a cab driver in Dilijan, who knew which political parties distribute bribes and where. He told me he never voted for the candidates of HHK who are popular with distributing bribes in regions and different cities. He actually did an experiment in the city center of Dilijan. He put money in a leaflet of ELQ political party, went to his fellows and told them ELQ is distributing money. Everyone believed, and they wanted to go to the office of ELQ to demand bribes. Armen dzyadzya said to me the purpose of this experiment or joke was to find out how people would react to what he said to them about bribes. Then, he added that actually, he think ELQ is a good political party, he just had their leaflet, so he did the experiment with it. He was so amused that people were actually going to collect money.


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