International Press Coverage of Artur Sargsyan Death

The demonstrations in Yerevan demanding proper investigations of Artur Sargsyan’s death grab The Washington Post’s attention. In the summer, 2016, when the armed group Sasna Dzrer attacked and holed up inside a Yerevan police station, prominent presses such as The New York Times, The Guardian and Al Jazeera followed the extreme situation.

However, now, only The Washington Post presents the development of the events. The two articles were published on March 16 and 17. The first is titled “Armenian activist’s death in prison sparks protests,” and the second is “Protest erupts in Armenia over activist’s death in jail.” These two articles ambiguously inform where Artur Sargsyan died. Both in the title and in the first paragraph it is written that Sargsyan died in prison. After some paragraphs, it explains that “He died of heart failure on Thursday after being transferred from prison to a hospital.”However, the sit-down protest and parliament members ‘guarantee for Sargsyan release is not mentioned missing the information that he died being in freedom.

“Over 1,000 people gathered in downtown Yerevan,” reports The Washington Post and the result is opening the criminal case on his death.

Artur Sargsyan mostly known as «Հաց բերող»/“Bringer of food,” drove his car through a police cordon to deliver food to the Sasna Dzrer members. For this, he was detained for the second time while he and his lawyer said that the arrest is illegal. Artur Sargsyan went on a hunger strike despite his deteriorating health.

As Washington Post’s articles say the reason for Sargsyan’s detention is “aiding terrorists.” Readers should pay attention that the qualification of terrorism is given by the government. The Washington Post also reports that “The unrest comes ahead of a parliamentary election on April 2.” The regrets of the Senior Armenian officials and Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan are included in the article.


Mane Davtyan



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