Real Justice in Bread

On previous Wednesday, March 16, we lost one of the memorable figures of kindness and support during the”Sasna Tsrer” movement, Artur Sargsyan, widely known as the Bread Bringer.   While several 74599_bsmall movements were organized when he was detained, although being seriously ill, a massive chain of events followed his death. Those events were mainly launched by volunteers and attempted somehow to showcase that people remembered him for his courage and devotion and mourned for his lose. While Artur’s biography got saturated with different legal procedures after his attempt to help the rebels, I would like to concentrate on the interview he had given to about ministry of Justice and its treatment of him.

During his interview, Artur mentioned several times that the ministry of Justice, the police and the courts engaged in his trial were certainly aware of his illnesses as that information should have played grave role in the verdict of court to imprison him. However, after his i7856_bmprisonment the minister of Justice, Arpine Hovhannisyan, claimed they had no information regarding his severe physical conditions which could have been deepened because of the strike he started or as a result of his prison regime. Therefore, there is a room to criticize the operations going on inside the closed court sessions and procedures, as important information got lost when it became significant and valuable. Moreover, when Artur was yet alive, the office of general prosecutor announced he did not require stationary and careful treatment. Again, a question arises regarding the motives or the facts prosecutor’s office had to come up with such a fatal decision. It becomes so cruel to think that the state could appear so indifferent and so negligible to deprive a citizen of the medicine he needed or from the conditions his life required to last for some more years. The state withdrew from its responsibility of being impartial and just and utilized all the possible measures to get rid of the people that hindered it’s antihuman operations somehow. It is sad to think that a person was punished unjustly and neglected when he needed support and attention. And after all this disorder and tears and death, I believe on April 2nd we will choose the real outlaws again who wreck other’s lives and repeatedly confirm that little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape.

Mejlumyan, Z, Baghdasaryan, S (2017, 13 January). Հարցազրույց «Հաց բերող» Արթուր Սարգսյանի հետ (Տեսանյութ). Retrieved from


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