Looking For Beauty? Visit Hermitage


Hermitage Museum is in the list of the most visited museums. It is located in Saint Petersburg, near the Neva River. It is not in vain that people call Saints Petersburg “Russian Venice.” The fascinating and wonderful sight of the city will remind you of the old Roman architecture of Venice and will take your breath away. The Museum of Hermitage makes the city more attractive and exciting for the tourists. It is one of the oldest museums in the world.


It was founded by the Catherine the Great in 1754. The museum consists of six historical buildings: the Winter Palace, New Hermitage, Hermitage Theatre, Old Hermitage, Small Hermitage and the Menshikov Palace. The first five buildings are open to the public. The entrance fee depends on which buildings you want to visit and the first Thursday of each month is a day of free access to all buildings.

st-george-hall-at-the-winter-palace-in-st-petersburgThere are almost three million items in this fantastic museum that also contain the largest collections of paintings in the world. However, visitors can find only a small portion of it on display. The first collections of paintings were bought by Catherine the Great in 1764. She bought from German merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky 13 paintings by Rembrandt, 11 by Rubens, seven by Jacob Jordaens, five by Paolo Veronese, etc., These and other paintings are heritages from ancient times, and they preserve unique values. Through those paintings, sculptures and everything inside the museum have an essential meaning, and they connect people with the past. So, do not forget to visit Hermitage if you are planning to go to Russia. It is one of the most beautiful places you would ever be and do not lose the chance to see it and see the real beauty of the past.







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