Odd occupations

Have you ever wondered that some of the weirdest jobs can provide you with a great deal of money? What would you like to work as? Below are the top 5 of the weirdest jobs which do not require skills in particular areas and you can consider getting into those ones.

5 Crime scene cleaner

Картинки по запросу crime scene cleaner

No matter how dirty the emergency site occurs these professionals visit it equipped with gloves, suits, masks, and shoe covers to clean up blood or other body fluids after forensic experts have gone. These people would be a cool option in helping housewives  do the housework, wouldn’t they? The job offers more than 37000 USDs a year.


4 Pet food taster

Unlike the fact a human’s organism is much more flexible in its functions there are people who are not afraid of trying new dog food combinations for 40000 USDs annually. Wouldn’t you be disgusted with it?


3 Waterslides tester

If you are not afraid of height you should definitely go for it. These professionals travel to new places to test thrilling hydroslides. This job pays you 32000 USDs per year to check the safety levels for children and adults.



Do you feel lonely and need anyone to cuddle you? These are people who would agree to hug you for 60 USDs an hour? What if this helped you sleep better? This occupation has nothing to do with prostitution.


1 Food stylist

is a person who decorates food which appears in advertisements of websites, restaurants or hotels. He has to make arrangements in food so that it appears more appealing to the eyes of eaters and can expect to make 33000 USDs per year.16-food-design.jpg

Comment on which one your dream job would be.


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