I am a big fan of vintage and wherever I travel, I first look for antique shops. When I see something from the past two centuries, I feel the breath of that particular time. Old furniture, household items, cloths, souvenirs, or books- all become a transparent bridge that takes me to the century where balls and theater were inseparable parts of people’s lives, where letters were the only ways of communication , where….

No internet, no social media, no cutting edge technologies…More human interaction, face-to face communication, lovely music, wonderful artists, beautiful atmosphere. And one of the symbols is phonograph. I cannot explain why I am in love with those huge musical devices. I can only say that those have a hidden power that helps you to defeat the time. Somehow.

Phonographs are beautiful representations of the 1900s people’s life. When I hear music from an old phonograph, filled with murmur and creaks, I imagine people drinking coffee in an old Parisian cafe, discussing literature and art. I can feel the beautiful atmosphere filled with love and passion and imagine young women with their gorgeous dresses enjoying jazz.

Antique-1930s-Meier-Frank-Pleasure-PORTABLE-78-Record-Player-wVideos-311396048471-3Look at this beautiful and old phonograph. Think for a minute about its past. Let us imagine it was in one of the Parisian cafes. How many loving couples, how many artists enjoyed its music? How many fell in love under its music? How many shared their feelings, emotions?

Look at it again. Listen to the music. Forget about the elections for a minute; forget about the world in a minute. Let us go to the 1920s, let us enjoy the life…

By Arpine Haroyan



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